spaetzle + soup


A few weeks back I saw this recipe feature on Design Sponge, was intrigued, and planned to eventually make it. It wasn't until tonight, though, that while scouring some of my favourite food blogs for lentil soup ideas that I happened upon Smitten Kitchen's latest post and remembered that I needed to try making spaetzle.

My limited knowledge of German food doesn't extend far beyond schnitzel, Bavarian sausages and Black Forest cake, and so spaetzle is something new to me. Though it took me a Google search to figure out how to pronounce it properly (shpets-luh?), it's incredibly simple to make. One-line recipe: mix flour, eggs, milk; let sit; spoon into boiling water; remove when floating. I actually used almond milk, since I don't keep regular milk around, and it all turned out perfectly fine.

As for the final dish: Butter-Sauteed Thai Basil Mushroom Spaetzle garnished with Wasabi Fumi Furikake. Basically, fusion at its oddest. But hey, it ended up delicious.

And no, I didn't forget about the lentil soup! A fairly faithful (by my standards) adaptation of this recipe because it used so many things that I had in my kitchen already, but I started it from homemade chicken stock I cooked up yesterday instead of water. It seems like I'm at the point where I make stock from scratch every week. It's a beautiful form of homework procrastination.